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Energy Drink

Hey Africa, Just ROCK it! Bring out the best in you!

Rock Energy is a Premium Energy Drink with a unique composition carefully formulated for times where extended energy leads to best performance. This can rejuvenate and provide elevated levels of stamina and attention &revitalizes you all day long and improves your energy levels to the keeping you thrilled all day long.

Full of Power, be a ROCK Star!!

Unleash the power in you with this energized drink and take the world in your hands. It stimulates your body with essential nutrients and rich antioxidants. An extraordinary drink designed especially for you. An energy drink that gets you fired up.  Gen Y’s new healthy energy drink, be it a party, official meetings, travel, grab a can and Just ROCK!

Maximum Energy

Boosts your body for up to 4-6 hours
Maximum stamina
Millennial’s new healthy drink

Superior Ingredients

Vitamin B6, B12
Caffeine, Taurine
Inositol, Citric acid


Available in
250 ml
330 ml
500 ml


Per 100 ml- 126KJ/30Kcal

Superior Quality

Energy Drink

Ever felt staying all day long in the bed because you don’t have the energy for hustling around? So, what do you do? Grab a cup of tea or coffee? But how long does it last for you?

Say no more, grab a can of Rock Energy Classic Drink and Rock n Roll! There is no better way to swing with your amusement than with Rock Energy Drink!!

Better Ingredients 

Amazing Power

Your fuel to rejuvenate!

Uniquely crafted from taurine, caffeine along with B6, B12 vitamins. High-quality ingredients help to ensure prolonged vigor and best performance.

Keeping you Hydrated with great taste & multi-vitamins, feel more powerful with No artificial flavors, no artificial colors.

Make Rock

Your Success Story

And guess what! Share your stories with us on Instagram with #rockenergydrink. While you are at a party or in an endless meeting, exploring the adventure of your life or on the top of a hill, grab your ROCK Energy drink and raise yourself today. Fly the dream.

Our Facility

Our Success

It gets you going!

Our world-class facility to ensure an appropriate research and testing makes us successful. At Rock, we aim to provide the best taste which is widely loved by our consumers.  So, grab a can and discover the refreshing you!

Address :

Stellent General Trading LLC,
Suite #104, Corporate Centre,
Kuwait Street- Al Raffa, Dubai (UAE)

Phone : 009714- 3259530

Email :

Address :

Stellent General Trading LLC,
Suite #104, Corporate Centre,
Kuwait Street- Al Raffa, Dubai (UAE)

Phone : 009714- 3259530

Email :